Royal QR Codes
are the Future of Brand Transparency.

Covid 19 has changed the landscape for brand values and cultural awareness. Consumers are increasingly demanding more transparency. By scanning the Royal Code, customers now have technology that quickly determines if quality, brand values, and culture are aligned with their purchasing beliefs.

"As humanity in
the west catches up to eastern consumer technology, mostly everything will have a QR code to empower consumer choices. "

Chad McMillan

The Future of business starts now.

As we begin shifting to more sustainable practices through technology and supply chain integration, brand transparency
and customer loyalty will be
KPIs of importance on every
consumers list.


“Royal technology helps your business
drive success”

Futuristic digital experience.

Customers shopping for quality and transparency are more likely to switch brands. Our technology builds long term loyalty between consumers and brands during and after the point of sale.

Strengthen your legacy.

We work one on one with brands to ensure quality and transparency is best visualized during and after the point of sale. Addressing trends in customer demands from the roots up, is how we strengthen your legacy.

Additional Features.

Gain geographical customer insights, direct to consumer engagement platform , predictive market trends, and access to our distribution network of retailers.

Education and Brand loyalty through camera app.

Simply by opening the consumer’s camera app and hovering over the Royal QRC, customers and potential buyers can quickly learn the relevant facts regarding brand value, origin and critical quality information. User-friendly, attractiveness and fun, the platform maximizes loyalty between brands and customers while providing insights into changes and future trends.

With our customized graphic displays

It’s now possible to WIN new customers aligned with your brand core values.

Delivering science-backed education in an easy to comprehend visualization can be life-changing for consumer awareness when purchasing products in competitive markets. Responsible and values-based Brands looking to connect with their markets more authentically are taking advantage of this new technological landscape, while making the consumer experience educational and entertaining.

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“Our Royal Team is ready to enhance your Farming, quality assurance and Brand management needs!”

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